02 November 2010

Hello, Thank You and Peace!"

I hope you enjoyed the 2010 MRISA Cultural Exchange.  We were "In The Flow" of goodness.  Please post a comment of Hello, Thank You or anything that will bring Peace to someone who attended the CX.  Let us see if we all can get "In The Flow".

24 October 2010

MRISA CX Schedule of Events

Wednesday - 3 November
Schools arrive at Northbridge International School Cambodia or International School Phnom Penh for Host Family meeting and pickup.
Cultural Coordinators Dinner at Northbridge International School Cambodia

Thursday - 4 Novmeber
7:30 - Host Family Drop Off at NISC
7:45 - Orientation and Gathering
8:30 - Early Morning Flow Workshop
10:00 - Morning Snack (Cafeteria) - Group Photo
10:30 - Late Morning Flow Workshop
12:00 - Lunch (Cafeteria) (Box lunch for those leaving Campus)
13:00 - Afternoon Flow Cultural Workshops
16:30 - Pizza Supper (Cafeteria) school rehersal if necessary
18:30 - School Performances (Cafeteria)
19:45 - Host Family Pick Up

Friday - 5 November
7:30 - Host Family Drop Off at NISC
7:45 - Gathering
8:30 - Early Morning Flow Workshop
10:00 - Morning Snack (Cafeteria)
10:30 - Late Morning Flow Workshop
12:00 - Lunch (Cafeteria) (Box lunch for those leaving Campus)
13:00 - Afternoon Flow Cultural Workshops
16:30 - Host Family Pick - if necessary at NISC
17:30 - Host Family Drop Off at NISC
17:30 - Dinner, Pool Party and Dancing
20:30 - Host Family Pick Up at NISC

Saturday - 6 November
7:30 - Host Family Drop Off at NISC
7:45 - Gathering
8:30 - Early Morning Flow Workshop
10:00 - Morning Snack (Cafeteria)
10:30 - Late Morning Flow Workshop
12:00 - Bar-B-Que Lunch (Field)
13:00 - Open Studios
16:00 - Afternoon Snacks
16:00 - Exhibition and Performances
18:00 - Host Family Pick Up

Sunday - 7 November
Host Family Drop Off at NISC for Bus To Airport or Other
7:40 ISE - Bus Leaves NISC to Phnom Penh Airport
8:00 SSIS - Bus Leaves NISC for Ho Chi Minh City

14 September 2010

The "Afternoon Flow" Cultural Workshops

1. Short Plays - with Michael Headley (ISE) - Try a short play with me. You can change yourself into most any character you have ever wanted to be. (Grades 6 - 8)
2. Playing the Blues - with Joseph Marchione (ISE) - We will cover the essential musical elements that form the blues style; blues scales; blues notes; blues chords; blues form and idiomatic blues licks. (Grades 10 - 12)
3. Digital Scavenger Hunt - with Sheilah Murthy (ISE) - We'll go off campus and use the Flip Video Cameras to creatively document our feelings of what we see and hear in the city. Our exploration will involve performing in front of the camera as well as shooting and directing behind the camera. (Grades 11 - 12)
4. Cooking at FRIZZ with a Twist - Take a trip to FRIZZ, a local restaurant, and learn how to cook traditional Khmer food.  The restaurant has been offering cooking classes for many years and is booked months in advance.  This could be the only hands on and stomachs in workshop at the MRISA cx 2010. (Grades 9 - 12)
5. Lost Loves - Meet Bora Chhay, creator and film maker.  Be one of the few to screen his movie "Lost Loves", depicting the Khmer Rouge through the eyes of his family.  Question and Answer on movie making and local history.  Day 2 will consist of an art project about the film. (Grades 6 - 12)
6. Kuoh Tralaok Dance Workshop (Cambodian Living Arts)  - "Clashing Coconut Shells" - Coconuts are a very abundant and important staple for Cambodians.  This dance celebrates their significance in everyday life.  From the Svay Rieng province of Cambodia and originally performed solo, recent efforts of the University of Fine Arts in Phnom Penh have modified it for the stage audience and it has become an icon of Cambodian Folk Dance. (Grades 6 - 12)
7. Yike Dance (Cambodian Living Arts) - Yike is a fairly modern theater form, drawing its themes from the ancient tales of Cambodia's Kings.  Yike incorporates modern prop scenery, traditional Khmer dance gestures and costumes, as well as elements of Chinese ritual fighting moves.  (Grades 6 - 12)
8. Chapei Dang Weng (Cambodian Living Arts) - The chapei dang weng belongs to both the Areak and Apea Pipea (wedding) ensembles.  In addition, the chapei is also played on its own as an accompaniment to poetry, narrated stories, vocal duets of an argumentative style and riddle telling (a special feature of the instrument which has brought it to great popularity from early times right up to the present day).  (Grades 6 - 12)
9. Museum, Boat Ride and Silk Weavers - On the first day students will visit the National Museum for a guided tour. On the second day they will travel by boat to an island where they will see Cambodian silk weaving and a pagoda, (Buddhist Temple). (Grades 8 - 12)
10. Creating Cambodian Comics - Taught by "Our Books", an organization devoted to the creation of Comic Books by Cambodian Artists.  Students will learn how to create a comic book and create an anthology together that they can take home with them. (Grades 6 - 12)
If you are registering now - please note that the Cultural Workshop list is may have additions.  If we make additions we will alert the school coordinator so that students can change their selection.

MRISA cx 2010 - The "Late Morning Flow" workshops (Choose One)

1. Waka Waka - African Dancing - with Robyn Wallwork (NISC) - Students will learn several types of African Dancing which will be put to the music of WAKA WAKA. (Grades 6 - 12)
2. Let the Ink Flow Screen Printing - with Adam Gilbert (NISC) - Students will be able to create a piece of Art and print their own T-Shirts during the workshop with emphasis on "Flowing Designs". (Grades 6 - 12)
3. Theatre Sports - with Tony Watters (VIS) - Come and Improve your acting skills in an interactive and funny atmosphere.  We will use several theatre games to develop creativity, body language and expression in general.  Be ready to move, shout and laugh. (Grades 6 - 12)
4. Go with the Flow - Crazy Quilting - with Simone Murphy (HIS) - Using the themes of water, students will create a artwork using textiles and beads.  The artwork may be joined together to create a larger group piece. (Grades 6 - 9)
5. The Birth of Cool - with Sepi Johnson (SSIS) - Come and paint a life size painting on canvas of yourself or someone else and create "a look "that you consider to "be cool". (Grades 6 - 12)
6. MRISA Orchestra - with Vuthy Men (ISPP) - Do you play and instrument?  The MRISA orchestra will be your opportunity to play with students from other schools.  Please bring your own instruments if you can, or check with Northbridge to make sure they have what you need.  Students must be able to read music.
7. Swing Kids! - with Robyn Zeller (ISPP) - Attention all hep cats and dolls!  If you like to dance, this is the place for you.  If you like hip hop, you'll LOVE lindy hop.  This dance was popular when your grandparents were your age and is currently experiencing a revival around the world.  Come see what the fuss is all about in this energetic and fun workshop.
8. Painting with Imagination - with Dina Chhan (ISPP) - Dina Chhan is a contemporary Cambodian Artist who specializes in painting with acrylics using a bit of wall putty and a whole lot of imagination.  Learn exciting acrylic techniques while painting on canvas with this up and coming young artist.  You can check out Dina's art on her website:  http://www.artistdina.com/.
9. Color Me / Black and White Photography - with Megan Eastlake (ISE) - Students will take a series of images of themselves in the streets of Phnom Penh, using Adobe Photoshop tools, the students will turn their images into greyscale and highlight a color within the image;  they will create a frame for their work using black cardboard.
10. Combined Dancing - with Sentosa Mam and Zeeeth Buayannanda (NISC Students) - Students will be taught a category of dance while at the same time improvising in your own way.
11. Khmer 60s Pop on Xylophones - with Darren Jahn (ISPP) - Go back in time to the swinging 1960s in Cambodia and enjoy the smooth sounds of a unique period in musical history.  We'll learn to play two upbeat, challenging, and fun songs on Orff xylophones in three part harmony.  Students should have some experience reading music.  Please ask your teacher for your part in advance so you can prepare it before you come.
12. Fusion Music - with Marcus Glanville (ISHCMC) - With the concept of the "Flow through Music" will concentrate on the idea of fusing two musical genres to create one piece for performance.  Students will be given the opportunity to learn, through practical experience, two different cultures of music and thier discrete elements, as well as putting them together to create one piece and see their common elements.

MRISA cx 2010 - The "Early Morning Flow" workshops (Choose One)

1. Dance Masti - with Shailani Borges and Deepika Borges (NISC) - The Workshop aims to appreciate the traditional art of henna application (hands and feet) by way of actual application - to learn basic nuances of Bollywood rhythmic movements and basic choreography. (Grades 6-12)
2. Baba Yetu - Ribbon Dancing - with Robyn Wallwork (NISC) - Students will learn a composed dance number using Ribbon Sticks. (Grades 6-12)
3. Trash to Treasure - with Kelli Cody (NISC) - Using recycled tire tubes that we can find all around Phnom Penh, we will create intricate bracelets or necklaces to be worn as jewelry. (Grades 6-12)
4. Singing for Pleasure - with Bob Johnston (SSIS) - Guys and Girls needed to sing some cool songs in a range of vocal styles including scat, doo-wap and harmony of course!  Justin Bieber impersonators, choir dudes and karaoke addicts all welcome. (Grades 6-12)
5. Artwork Alive!!!!! - with Samantha Caddey (HIS) - Ever wondered what would happen to an artwork if it came to life?  Through improvisation and movement games we will explore what happened before, during and after an artwork.  We will also explore others pre conceptions and reactions to art. (Grades 6-10)
6. Bamboo Lanterns - with Robert Natoli (UNIS) - Using bamboo and paper, workshop participants will have the opportunity to design and construct creative 3D forms that can be used as lanterns or simply as sculptural forms. (Grades 6-12)
7. Large Scale Mixed Media Woven Collages - with Pia Blair (ISHCMC) - We will focus on the concept of "in the flow" and brainstorm ways that this idea could be presented drawing inspiration from their world.  Students are encouraged to create a variation of line markings, and creating interest through the mixture of media and layering of texture to capture the feeling of movement and "flow".  We will experiment with the effect of weaving and creating visual interest in a large scale mixed media work.  Each student would produce their own 2metre by 1 meter artwork in the given time. (Grades 6-12)
8.  Monologues Speeches and skits done your way - with Michael Headley (ISE) - Have you ever given a speech?  How about a monologue, have you tried one of those?  If you would like to learn and give it a try, join me.  We could even look at a very short skit rewrite it and make it our own.  If you dare, join me. (Grades 6-12)
9. Jazz Improv - with Joseph Marchione (ISE) - Students will learn the basics of what they need to know to approach improvisation in the jazz idiom.  We will cover chord extensions; scales and modes; b ss lines; drum beats, form; and various concepts and approaches towards the construction of a good solo. (Grades 10-12)
10. Dancing in the Dark - with Megan Eastlake (ISE) - Students will choreograph a dance routine with the guidance of the workshop leader that will utilize the effects of hand held torches / flashlights and fluro body paint which they will perform on stage on the closing night. (Grades 6-12)
11. Improvisation in Pop Songwriting - with Brendan McGibbon (UNIS) - This fun workshop helps singers write pop songs.  Using improvisation students will develop novel ideas that can be turned into "hit" songs.  So get "In the Flow" with songwriting. (Grades 6-9)
12. World Folk Dance - with Anna Cervantes (VIS) - Learn basic steps and routines for popular folk dances from around the world, e.g. "Seljancica Kolo" (Serbia/Croatia), Los Machetes (Mexico), Sellenger's Round (England), Trojka (Russia), Krakowiak (Poland), Waves of Tory (Ireland). Lot's of movement and fun! (Grades 6-12)

Hello MRISA CX 2010 Presenters and Participants!

November is coming fast and Northbridge International School Cambodia is putting the final touches on the MRISA CX 2010.  To see the workshops offered by the talented presenters from all our participant schools please see the postings that follow this one.  We will update the blog on a regular basis - so please check back often.  See you soon.